american airlines ads

Tactical ads for American Airlines announcing new non-stop flights from Manchester to Miami.

bedell group annual review 2007.

The title says it all. Bedell Group are Jersey based lawyers and offshore financial experts.

totalcontent credentials.

A somewhat out-of-date selection of case studies from the vaults. A revamp is in the planning stages.

cubic’s guide to branding and design.

a small, charmingly illustrated book outlining the Nottingham-based consultancy’s ideas and approach.

national gallery grand tour plaques.

A selection of plaques that appeared alongside reproductions of Old Masters placed on the streets of London.

totalcontent monkey posters.

Our award-winning self-promotional posters. Still plenty left if you want some.

Welcome to the Olympic Games

A commemorative stamp presentation pack for Royal Mail, written by Jim and designed by hat-trick.

Uusi #4 – The Craft Issue

The final instalment… featuring a limited-edition hand-letterpressed cover by the celebrated Alan Kitching.

Uusi #3 – The Adventure Issue

The third issue of Ussi magazine, a manifestation of Nokia’s new, adventurous brand direction. Along with the first two, this was shortlisted for a Design Week Award in 2012.

Uusi #2 – The People Issue

The second instalment of Uusi magazine. Once again, all writing and production by totalcontent.