Armadillo animation script.

We like to try our hand at all kinds of writing at totalcontent, and something we’re being asked to do more and more is to create scripts for online animations.

Our latest effort is for Armadillo, a digital and customer-relationship marketing company based in Bath. Data is central to everything they do, from finding out about their clients’ customers, to designing creative campaigns. We we worked with Supple Studio to create a small animated film for the new Armadillo website, that explains what they do and how they go about it, as part of a larger brand refresh. The final script was one of three that we wrote. Supple used this as the basis to create a storyboard, and then The Creative Federation brought it to life in a charming 60-second film — a hugely satisfying collaborative effort. Oh, and Design Week wrote a nice piece about the whole caboodle too.

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