Cubic by the book.

Cubic is a Nottingham-based branding and communications agency, who we’ve worked with over many years. Being outside of London, they can’t just rely on cool, stripped-back self-promotional pieces to attract new clients, so they take a more hard-working approach, using a combination of craft and charm.

They recently asked us to help out on their latest mailer, a small booklet called ‘Bright ideas for brilliant brands’. It’s an endearing nine-point guide to the way they tackle identity projects, featuring simple-but-playful visuals by the ridiculously gifted, New York-based illustrator Tomi Um.

We were given bullet points for each section and asked to write in a witty, non-businessey style, keeping things short, snappy and just a little sassy.

Cubic wanted to communicate that they work strategically with brands to push them forwards, but with a light touch and not in the usual predictable, jargon-heavy, worthy way. They wanted it to be immediate but offer more than surface-level stuff (albeit very briefly).

Pleased to say there were no changes whatsoever to our first draft. What you see below is exactly what we wrote. Just how we like it.

If you want to get hold of your very own hand-holdable copy, please get in touch with Cubic here (NB please scroll down to the bottom).

click to download pdf.