i’m with the b(r)and.

BandLogoJukeBox is a new blogging side venture between writer Jim K Davies (that’s me) and creative director Jamie Ellul.

Band logos combine two of our great loves — music and graphic design. We’re also partial to odd facts and quirky stories, so that makes four. Our blog is a place where bands meet brands, and guitar riffs co-habit with graphic flourishes.

Bands and branding may seem like unlikely bedfellows … yet it’s often the most eccentric, anarchic types who end up with the most compelling or ingenious visual marques to signify their attitude and style of music.

It’s also interesting to note how many graphic designers first became interested in logos and letterforms by doodling the names of their favourite bands on their school exercise books.

So why the JukeBox bit? Because we’re unashamedly picking some our favourites, just like choosing songs on an old-school jukebox. Also, BandLogoJukeBox will run alphabetically from from A1 to Z1, and then start again from A2 to Z2, and so on.

As well as the main A–Z component of the site, we’ll feature essays and ‘think pieces’ on all aspects of band logo design from guest writers, bringing more texture and depth to the party. We’re on the look out for suggestions, ideas and contributions ... feel free to chip in.

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