lightbulb moments.

It was a grand old night at the Design Week Awards yesterday, as two projects with copywriting input from totalcontent scooped top prizes in their categories. First up was the ‘Yellow Book’, by Applied Information Group.

This slim volume is an overview of AIG’s Legible London pedestrian wayfinding system, featuring an extended essay by Jim describing the project, and delving into the theory and practice of urban wayfinding. The judges called it “a fantastic piece of work, sustained, informative, attractive and sensible”, and praised the “narrative which draws you in”. You can get hold of a pdf of the ‘Yellow Book’ in the downloads section of this web site. Next was a spin-off from the 2008 Royal Mail Year Pack – designed by the Chase and written by Jim – which won the in-store branding and point of sale category. This cleverly stuck vinyl versions of the Year Pack’s motif (large white frames with perforated edges) on Post Office counter windows as if capturing the staff behind in a stamp.

click to download pdf.