New Scientist USA campaign.

We helped out Brighton-based branding agency Baxter & Bailey with an awareness campaign to increase New Scientist’s US readership. They clearly need no help with alliteration.

After exploring several different routes, it turned out the clue was right there in the name — New Scientist. First published as a printed journal in 1956, these days New Scientist spans digital editions, an online learning platform, video channels and podcasts. All these media dedicated to shining a light on all that’s new in the world of science. New ideas. New learnings. New discoveries. New worlds. New ways forward. All the exciting stuff, in other words.

Baxter and Bailey worked with digital marketing experts RocketMill and animation ace Tom Matuszewski, using simple messaging, striking imagery and immersive video to communicate the peerless scientific depth and breadth of the brand.

This singular, direct and endlessly adaptable campaign was rolled out across social channels, on paid digital advertising and featured in sister publications, successfully raising awareness, attracting new subscribers and encouraging Stateside readers to discover something new.

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