new work – Haileybury College prospectus.

Much of the summer of 2013 was spent working on the prospectus for Haileybury (or more properly Haileybury Imperial and Service College), a leading co-ed private school in Hertfordshire. Its alumni include former Prime Minister Clement Atlee, author Rudyard Kipling, and more recently, Batman film director Christopher Nolan.

We were drafted in by design company hat-trick to provide words around the theme of a 'day in the life' of the college, quite a radical approach for an institution of this kind. In reality, the times of the day became pegs on which to hang different aspects of the school, from its emphasis on 'co-curricular' activities, to the benefits of boarding, to its impressive facilities. Underlying all this was the idea of promoting a broad, joined-up education, which offered more than just academic excellence.After interviewing the Master, teachers, governors and various other interested parties, we developed an approachable, contemporary tone of voice, positioning Haileybury as progressive, grounded and in touch.The words were set in plenty of white space and accompanied by generous colour reportage photography, which beautifully captured the ambience of the place. The final result seems extremely clean and simple, but it took some getting there. There were many stakeholders with strong opinions, whose voices had to be respected and included.The good news is, it has gone down a storm and made a splash at the Independent Schools Show. We are currently beavering away on the Haileybury website and a smaller prospectus for the Lower School.

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