new work – Happy Sleepers TOV, messaging and website.

A cute little commission from our friends at Supple Studio for Happy Sleepers, a new sleep consultancy based in north London.

Happy Sleepers was set up by a trio of child psychologists to help families having issues with their children's sleep patterns. Jamie Ellul of Supple Studio met one of its founders at NCT classes and, as a father of young kids, has first-hand experience of broken nights and grumpy mornings. totalcontent was asked to develop an accessible (parent) friendly tone of voice for Happy Sleepers, along with messaging for a mailer and copy for their website.

Of course it's a serious and emotive subject, but we wanted to inject some warmth and humour, and stress that the Happy Sleepers crew are all sympathetic parents as well as highly qualified psychologists. This balance is captured in the strapline we came up with — “Say hello to good nights”.

And visually, this balance of professionalism and personality is brought to life in the neat Supple-designed logo, which doubles up as a contented smile and a pair of closed eyes. The open, approachable feel is further emphasised through a series of charming illustrations by the mega-talented Robert Ball, and the endearing animation of the Happy Sleepers website.

click to download pdf.