new work – Viaduct.

It’s certainly not the most complex project we’ve been involved in. Even so, there’s a beautiful simplicity about the new Viaduct website. Which is fitting, as Viaduct supplies elegant, often minimalist, European furniture to a discerning clientele of architects, interior designers and design-savvy punters.

Owner and main man James Mair was adamant that people don’t want to trawl through a lot of copy, before getting to grips with the product. Nevertheless, he wanted the words to set the scene and subtly convey the Viaduct personality.As usual, James and his colleagues were a pleasure to work with... we’d previously provided the text for a Made Thought-designed brochure, which Viaduct is still using after ten years. A timeless classic, you might say — like a piece of furniture you might find in the Viaduct

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