number crunching with the conumberdrums calendar.

And before January’s over ... a quick word about ‘Conumberdrums’, our latest calendar collaboration with branding and design agency Bostock & Pollitt and print specialists ArbiterDrucken.

This is a limited-edition promotional calendar that gets playful with numbers, posing monthly typographic riddles, and presenting curious tales based on the ordinal number of a particular month. It shows that calendar numbers can be more than the sum of their parts, and looked at in a certain light, have all the personality and poetry of the day they represent.

We tend to measure our days and the passing of time in cold hard numbers — the days, weeks and months of a particular year reduced to a simple grid of digits on a calendar. And yet, each of these numbers represents a colourful slice of life, chock full of personal significance, happiness and calamity, routine and adventure.

By numbers... each month features a 'conumberdrum' and a related story, based around the number of the month.

‘Conumberdrums’ is designed to work on several different levels. As a striking piece of monthly typographic wall art; a collection of 12 interest-tickling tales, and a hard-working, borderline Swiss, calendar. It follows on from last year’s word-based calendar by the same team, ‘From Idioms to Idiots — how one letter can make all the difference’.

All photos © Lukje Davies

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