our Tesco lorry lines hit the road.

Tesco are dead right. Their distribution lorries are in effect two-sided moving billboards, travelling up and down the UK motorway network. So you might as well use them as such.

Last month, we were asked to come up with a series of amusing lines that tallied with the supermarket’s new tone of voice. They had to be short, accessible, and raise a smile. They also had to work with photographs of smiling people — the kind of people who’d shop at Tesco.

We came up with several different routes (geddit?), but the one they went for was a simple construct of getting a relevant food stuff to a particular town … for example ‘Getting pickle to Cheddar’, ‘Getting soles to Newcastle’, and so on.

They unfortunately passed over ‘Getting dog food to Barking’ and ‘Getting bread to Towcester’. But they did like the a new ‘bumper sticker’ line, ‘King Edward of the Road’ we came up with.

It’s a real thrill to see our words out in the wilds on such a large mobile canvases. Keep on trucking.

click to download pdf.