Renegade Inc. — not the news.

Renegade Inc. is a media company and knowledge bank for people who want to see the other side of the coin. It provides a more balanced picture of the hot topics of the day, from economics and business, to politics and philosophy.

Active across a range of media channels (from TV and Vimeo to You Tube and Instagram) it curates interviews and opinions from people with alternative viewpoints, questioning received wisdom and the status quo. Its contributors include leading academics, experts, journalists, entrepreneurs and politicians.

Working with Spy Studio, we helped Renegade Inc. to define their positioning and tone of voice, starting with their About Us and Manifesto.

We kept the language short, sharp and staccato, deliberately avoiding the double-speak and opaque language that often goes hand in hand with political discourse. Renegade Inc.’s ambition is to cut through the crap to get to the truth, so we felt the words needed to be direct, confident and powerful.

They were applied as part of a Spy Studio-designed website, which has a suitably spiky design aesthetic to go with the no-nonsense words. If you’re interested in in-depth debate, newfangled ideas and different viewpoints, it’s well worth a visit.

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