SrchPop — from preloved to beloved.

SrchPop is a specialist US search engine that scours all the major online second-hand websites for bargain buys. Which means it does all the heavy lifting for you if you’re searching for something in particular …

The team at SrchPop are on a mission to make online shoppers think second-hand first. Reusing, recycling, rehoming, reappreciating for a happier planet.

Probably best to just read the About Us we prepared earlier.

Our friends at Supple Studio were approached to create a new look and feel for SrchPop and asked us to provide the words for their new website. There's a scroll of the website below where you can see the results, visual and verbal.

Supple’s simple but striking identity captures the core SrchPop proposition – ‘search one, search all’. The universal search bar graphic sits at the centre of the new visual identity, becoming a colourful ‘pop’ that suggests a multiplicity of search results.

We tried to keep the copy conversational, fun and upbeat, conveying the excitement of hunting for second-hand treasure and coming across a bargain.

We also came up with a series of lines to use across poster advertising and social media. Particularly proud of 'Don’t Shop it. SrchPop it’.

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