an aisle seat for Tesco’s centenary films.

In case you hadn't noticed, it’s Tesco’s centenary year. To mark this auspicious anniversary, we were asked to come up with a celebratory line for the supermarket’s 10p recycled bags, and commissioned to write a seven-minute film script charting its remarkable, 100-year evolution.

The centenary film script tells the story of the supermarket’s humble beginnings as an East End market stall, along with 100 years of twists, turns and innovations. We salute its determined founder, Jack Cohen; reveal the curious story behind its name; remember Sir Save-A-Lot and Green Shield Stamps. And (as they say) much, much more. The challenge here was keeping things nice and concise, while retaining some colour and character.

The film was brought to life by the super-talented people at Collider and One Small Pixel, cleverly collaging a mix of archive stills, live action and animation, to visualise the narrative thread. It was first aired in January by Group Chief Executive Dave Lewis at a press launch for Jack, Tesco’s new discount chain.

The Tesco centenary film has since been edited into YouTube-sized chunks, which were recently featured on the influential design blog ‘It’s Nice That’.

Take a gander below (just click on the big arrow in the middle of the image to get the clips going).

click to download pdf.