totalcontent’s monkey business.

At last. After several false starts and many months in the making, here'stotalcontent’s very first mailshot. It's a series of three A2 posters designed byRichard Scholey and Simon Morrow at Elmwood, with the illustrated chimps provided by Rob Ball of the Partners. Jim had hours of fun coming up with suitable misquotes from Shakespeare, which had to be close enough to be familiar, but surreal enough to be funny. The idea is based on the ‘infinite monkey theorem’, which suggests that given an infinite amount of time a group of randomly typing monkeys would produce the complete works of Shakespeare.

The sign-off copy at the bottom reads: ‘If they stuck at it forever, a thousand typewriting monkeys would eventually tap out the complete works of Shakespeare. But if you haven’t got time to monkey around for copy, better call Jim Davies on 01926 812286.’ The letters are keys culled from an ancient typewriter, while the sign-off is set in a suitable typewriter font. Many thanks to everyone involved for making this happen. If you want one for your studio wall please email us here and we’ll mail you some hot-off-the-press monkeys.

click to download pdf.