unorthodox weddings for unorthodox couples.

At first glance, a series of brochures for some Birmingham wedding events venues might not seem the sexiest of briefs. But if they’re in Digbeth, the self-proclaimed ‘Shoreditch of Brum’ and you throw in the exceptional design talents of Common Curiosity, it’s quite a different story.

Digbeth is Birmingham’s most vibrant and creative neighbourhood. Recently rediscovered and redeveloped, in the 19th century it was the beating heart of the city’s industry. The contrast of Victorian industrial heritage with modern Digbeth’s urban-cool street art, hipster restaurants and indie bars is simply irresistible.

The three wedding brochures were commissioned by developers Oval Estates, one of the main movers and shakers in the regeneration of Digbeth. They were for Factory Works, part of the iconic former Bird’s Eye custard factory. The Bond, a former gas works, ice factory and later, warehouse for the bacon butty’s best friend, HP Sauce. And Fazeley Studios, a one-time Unitarian chapel and Sunday school, designed by local architect George Ingall in 1876.

Each venue has its own particular, distinctive vibe, and we were asked to reflect this by creating a subtly different tone of voice for each brochure. Common Curiosity followed suit with a compelling, coherent design language that worked across the set but allowed for individual character and variation.

With an overarching theme of ‘unconventional weddings for unconventional couples’, there were no hearts and flowers, cooing turtle doves or blushing bridesmaids in evidence. Instead a modern, graphic aesthetic, focusing on the ambience, architecture and amenities of each venue, along with a taste of Digbeth.

The icing on the wedding cake was a playful twist on wedding confetti, with diecut holes on the covers offering a glimpse at the colourful Digbeth art inside the books. All beautifully printed and finished by Empress Litho.

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