word of the week — ‘antipatico’.

So here it is, totalcontent’s very first foreign ‘word of the week’. Even if your Italian’s a bit rusty, you’ve probably figured out that antipatico* means roughly the opposite of simpatico, a word that’s become common English parlance over the past few years. I say roughly, because actually it means “unpleasant, odious, unsympathetic or crabby”. But then, if someone fits that description, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be simpatico with them.

Above: Italian lesson... shared tastes, better results

Recently I’ve been finding that in a work context, like-mindedness is a real blessing. Of course you should be open, co-operative and respectful, whoever you’re working with. But if you share similar interests and cultural reference points, it’s a real bonus and will only make for a better working relationship. It means you can develop a deeper understanding more quickly, you’re more likely to enjoy each other’s company and be thinking along the same lines.But if you’re antipatico, you simply won’t be ordering from the same menu.*Thanks to Paula at Form for introducing me to the word on Wednesday.

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