working with Proxy Ventures.

Over the past year or so, we’ve been collaborating quite a bit with Proxy Ventures, an intriguing and unusual client.

They describe themselves as ‘venture capital creatives’. In a nutshell, they identify interesting start-up businesses, and invest not only their capital, but also their branding expertise. Proxy are drawn to particular sectors, including emerging technologies, gaming and food. And, of course, businesses where the branding side of things is critical.

I originally met Aapo Bovellan, one of the founders, when I was doing quite a bit of work for Nokia, and he was leading the redesign of their global brand identity. Since he and his partners launched Proxy, totalcontent has been involved in several projects, helping out with tone of voice, naming and writing.

One of the really enjoyable ones was Frill, a healthy ‘frozen smoothie’, due to launch in the UK shortly. It needed to appeal to kids and their parents, so the TOV is friendly yet informative, jolly yet illuminating. Big on flavour and fibre, Frill is fronted by a charming polar bear character, so we tried to put ourselves in his paws before taking our fingers to the to the keyboard.

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